What's Next?

Now that we have the first Resource Centre up and running, we can begin to look at where we can go next.

At the moment, we are building this website to promote the project. Shine Dance Competitions aims to open two centres per year. When we get some sponsors, we can grow at a quicker rate. We also need to find contacts in different countries who can supervise our upcoming project for us. We will be updating our project pages about how the projects are running. Eventually we would like to have the kids blogging about their experiences.

We are very excited to continue working and expanding this wonderful project. We are looking forward to our new project and partnership with XploreAsia to set up our second centre. XploreAsia works with an orphanage in the hills of Thailand. They will be working on building a library for the children there, and we will be providing computers and a teacher to allow the students to learn new skills.

We will be visiting Myanmar and Thailand to see the kids and start work on the new centre.

For more information please contact me at sam@shinedance.com

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